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Feeling down? Get up!

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It’s great when you wake up in an amazing mood for no reason at all. But sometimes you get up just feeling rubbish (like when you’ve got your period). So how do you get out of it? 


The ‘do’ list


1: Move! Give your body and stroppy attitude a good kick. Exercise can make your brain release ‘happy chemicals’. Just what you need when you’ve got your period.


Try doing jumping jacks or dance to your fave songs. Go for a run or hop on your bike. Get outside! 


2: Eat happy foods! Can certain food make you happy? YES! 


Try chomping on a banana or berries for a mood boost. Natural, healthy snacks are the best thing for you and your mood.


3: Be nosy! Your brain connects happy smells with happy feelings. 


Try walking into a bakery, patisserie or cafe and take a whiff. Use lavender, chamomile or geranium body wash, and then apply a dash of gorge perfume. 


4: DO something… anything! The opposite of laziness is energy.


Take a shower, ring a mate. Make a list of ‘happy’ stuff you can try out if a bad mood strikes.


But don’t...


• Drown your sorrows in sugary snacks, junk food or caffeine. 


• Mope. Bad moods can grow! Treat it like someone you find annoying...ignore and it’ll go away! 


If you find yourself more down than up for more than a few days in a row, tell someone about it. Talking is a great way to work out your feelings. 


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