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Average boob size? Everyone’s different!

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Round, pointy, pear-shaped, or pancake-like. These are only some of the shapes boobs come in. And that’s not even mentioning cup size, which can range from AA to DD, or bigger. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes.


What’s all the fuss about?


It’s true that boobs get a lot of attention. Why? Probably because they stick out. Also, as a society we seem to have a bit of a boob fixation, which can be totally immature. Just think about countries like France, where most ladies go topless on the beach because it’s nothing to get worked up about. 


It’s all normal


Girls often have issues with their boob size. Like, girls with large chests might feel that they attract too much attention or that heavy boobs cause back and shoulder pain.  While girls with small chests may feel that their boobs don’t look like the ones on the front of fashion mags, or that they’ll never feel as sexy as their big-chested mates. 


Size doesn’t matter, and neither does shape. So many things happen during puberty...getting boobs is only one of them. But the main thing to remember is that it’s a normal part of puberty. What really matters is the way you feel about your boobs and that, whatever their shape or size, you come to accept them as part of you. 


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