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The pros and cons of being the eldest

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Being the eldest has its upsides and downsides. It means having more responsibilities, but it’s also good to know you’re a trailblazer and will be first to do things like going to uni or driving a car. 




-Babysitting. It’s great to be able to play with your little sis and bro on their own and to make sure they’re ok, plus you’ll get loads of brownie points with your mum and dad. 


-Showing that you’re responsible and can be trusted is definitely worth it sometimes. You’re more likely to be allowed to go out with your friends without much hassle, you may get to stay up later and - wahay! – you could even get more pocket money!


-Being able to help your brother and sister with their homework. It’s good to feel like you’re helping them. 


-You’ll always get the new clothes! Just think, your poor sis will get most of your cast-offs and she and your bro will get all your toys. Of course they get new stuff sometimes, just not as much as you!




-There aren’t that many really. The only thing is that your parents might be a bit cautious with you as you’re their first and they need to work out what limits they set. They might also expect more from you, but you can usually work that out. 


When it comes down to it, being the eldest sister is sometimes not easy but it’s great and you wouldn’t change it for anything! 


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