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Period pains and other body blunders

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Finding puberty unpredictable? Who doesn’t?! Keep reading as we clear up some of the confusion, from your menstruation cycle to hair popping up in places you never had it.


“I got my first period and then … nothing for about three months.  Is this normal?”


Yep, it’s normal. For some girls, it just takes time for their bodies to adjust and get into a rhythm. If you’ve had your first period and don’t get your period again at the one-year mark, talk to your mum or an older female relative and make an appointment with your GP. But try not to worry too much...your menstruation cycle should fall into a regular pattern as puberty progresses.


“Some hairs have suddenly sprouted, erm, around my nipples. I haven’t told anyone about this. Help, please!”


Surprise! During puberty, you’ll begin to grow hair in places you’ve never had it before, like under your arms and in the pubic area. And, yes, some girls sprout a few around their boobs, so don’t be freaked! This might go away as your hormones settle down, but it could be ongoing.  If it does bother you, talk to you mum or another female you trust to discuss some hair removal options. 


“Eeek! I’ve noticed some red lines around my hips. I think they might be stretch marks. What should I do?”


Yep, those sound like stretch marks - but don’t distress. Lots of girls develop stretch marks during puberty.  First, the bad news: there’s not much you can do about them, although moisturising regularly and eating healthily can help keep your skin healthy. But the good news is they may naturally fade over time and become less obvious. Phew.


Don’t dwell on slight imperfections...instead, embrace all your beautiful attributes!



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