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Period myths and truths

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Whether you’ve started your period or not, you probably have some questions, right? Here’s where we bust some common myths. 


MYTH: If your period is irregular, it means something is wrong.


FACT: Usually, it takes a year or two before menstruation becomes regular. So don’t panic if your period suddenly seems to disappear for one to three months. If it’s still irregular after the first 2 years, see your GP just to check things out. 


MYTH: Virgins shouldn’t insert tampons.


FACT: Totally untrue. Virginity is not affected by your choice of period protection and certainly not by inserting tampons. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use tampons before you’re sexually active but you should remember tampons should only be used when you are on your period.


MYTH: You can't get pregnant during your period.


FACT: Again, totally untrue. It’s actually possible to become pregnant during your period...particularly in the middle of the menstrual cycle. 


MYTH: You should always rest during your period.


Nope, not true. Listen to your body and do whatever makes you feel good. Don't stop exercising just because you're on your period. The fact is, a little gentle exercise and stretching can be really effective in relieving period pain.


Of course, if you find exercise isn’t helping menstrual cramps or making period pain worse then it may be best to see a doctor.


MYTH: You shouldn't wash your hair or body during your period.


FACT: Not true. Some girls sweat more during their periods. There's no reason not to stay clean and fresh during your period. 



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