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Gynecologist Questions

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The first few minutes are like any medical visit. First, you’ll probably sit down with the doctor in the consultation room. If you feel uncomfortable or nervous at this point, tell the doctor that it’s your first appointment. This is a good way to start talking, and it will make it easier for you to ask questions. It will also clue the doctor in that you might need some extra explanation—he or she can tell you what to expect and what’s happening during the exam. Some doctors will do this without being asked, but many won’t think of it unless you speak up.

The doctor will then ask you questions about your general medical history, and questions about your period, including:

When was your last period?
Of course, if you haven’t had one yet—that’s a no-brainer! If you have had your period and you keep a calendar, you’ll know the exact date. Check out the BeingGirl Period Predictor

How many days does your period last? 
This refers to the number of days that you actually have flow—whether it’s light or heavy. If you flow starts and then skips a day, mention that.

What’s your menstrual flow like? 
Your flow may go from light to heavy, be lighter red or a darker, more maroon red, and may include some clots.

How long is your cycle?
You figure this out by marking the first day of your period for a couple months in a row, and counting the days between those first days.

Do you have any symptoms that bother you?
This is the time to mention things like cramps, spotting between periods, itching, bad-smelling discharge, or anything that has been worrying you about your genital area or reproductive system.

What else do you want to tell me?
If this question isn’t asked, you may need to bring up other things here, like birth control methods, getting tested for a specific condition (STD or HIV), and questions about sex.

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