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Fairytales of 1001 diets

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Gammon and spinach:
• If you don’t have your breakfast you will eat less for all the day;  
• Removing carbohydrates from your diet will make your body derive energy from fats;
• Low-fat means it doesn’t fatten;
• Perfect diet aliment is: bagel, crispy muesli, cheese;
• Herbal teas don’t do any harm because they are natural;
• There are scientific proofs that cathartic diets consisting of some form of keeping a fast clean the organism out of toxins;
• If you have problems with slimming it must be a fault of your thyroid;
• Chips are healthy and they don’t fatten;
• Fruit diets are the guarantee of healthy and slim body.

Truth for your eyes:
• Eliminating breakfast slows metabolism, so you will burn your calories and fat more slowly than usually;
• Learners who eat breakfasts have smaller appetite for all the day and they better handle an intensive study in school;
• Eating breakfasts reduces the danger of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases because it helps control the appetite;
• When applying high protein diet you lose mostly muscular mass and water, many people complain about constipations, headaches, overstrain and nausea only after a few days of applying this diet. High protein diet is dangerous for kidneys.
• Carbohydrates are the essential source of energy for our bodies;
• According to the experts’ recommendations 50-60% of consumed calories should come from carbohydrates;
• Wholewheat flakes, Brown rice and potatoes are perfect source of carbohydrates;
• In order to reduce a weight permanently you should lose no more than 1 kilo per week!
• Right meat portion (90-120 grams) is of your hand size;
• Before you start your diet – you should talk to a doctor.

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