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Top Ten School Tips

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Start making the most of the new school year straight away by following our 10-point plan.

1. Don't be late (that much) for classes
2. Do homework earlier
3. Enrol for additional classes or clubs and stay involved for more than a month
4. Learn a foreign language and practise it with friends, family or on your own
5. Explore and read around your favourite topics
6. Keep readable notes that you've actually written yourself
7. Restrict your partying to Saturdays only
8. Sleep is the key to always looking fresh and beautiful (even on Sunday mornings)
9. Address one of your faults – you're bound to have (at least) one
10. Stay in touch with everyone in the class and not just your close friends or the 'in-crowd'
If these all sound a bit too much, then just pick your favourites from the list and focus solely on them. And remember to share your progress on the forum as other girls will always want to hear what's worked for you.

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See what other girls are asking about life.
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