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You just polished off an economy-sized bag of crisps and began growling when your little brother tried to grab a handful. Next, you’ll lie in bed, curled up, and try to imagine what it would be like if you were a boy. You dare anyone to come within 50 feet of you because WHY CAN’T EVERYONE JUST LEAVE YOU ALONE?! Don’t you just LOVE having your period?
I have been blessed with really bad cramps, feeling tired and lightheaded, and the ability to cry at the drop of a hat. I tell my friends that I don’t want to talk to them.  Then they don’t call and I ask myself, “Why doesn’t anybody like me?”

I feel better after I eat ice cream, but then I feel it’s just easier to lock myself in my bedroom and sleep for hours. Phew! 3-7 days later I come back into a normal person and proceed with my life.
I remember when I was introduced to the wonderful world of menstruation. I was crying because I had never felt pain like I did that day. Then my mom told me to “go out and get some exercise—that’ll help with your PMS Cramps Relief.” First of all, I couldn’t get off the kitchen floor, much less go outside and do some jumping jacks. How could my own mother not understand how I feel?

But that’s the thing—not everyone’s periods are the same! Not all periods are about mood swings, binging on junk food, pain, crying, and giving dirty looks to loved ones. There are tons of girls out there that don’t know what a menstrual cramp is—I hate all of them. Nah, I don’t hate them, but I am extremely jealous of them!

If you are like me...I have figured out how you can have PMS Cramps Relief! Stop rolling your eyes at me because I’m serious. The first step is to use products that work for you. It’s bad enough you have your period, but now you just ruined your favorite pair of jeans! If you’re using the wrong tampons or pads, this can make your period more stressful than it needs to be. It’s not just about leaks but, comfort, too. If you’ve ever used a tampon or pad that felt uncomfortable, then you were using the wrong one.  Right here on you can take a survey that will help you find the perfect tampon and/or pad for you. Using comfortable and stress-free period products will help with your PMS Cramps Relief.

Instead of thinking of your period as a curse, think of it as a blessing. You are a woman with a beautiful and unique body. Take your period and run with it—PAMPER YOURSELF! You have been granted one week to treat yourself like the princess you were born to be.

It’s hard to treat yourself when you’re busy with school. Set aside one hour a day to do something you like that will help you relax. Sometimes no one understands how you feel. Having your period can be a great opportunity to have quality time by yourself. Here are some ideas:

• Create a spa-like bubble bath in your own bathroom. Dim the lights and use a relaxing bubble bath scent, like rose or vanilla. Put on your fave CD or sit in silence—whatever you like!
• Try to reserve the living room one night and watch your favorite movie with a bowl of popcorn and a comfy blanket.
• Try doing something with your hands (that doesn’t include shoving potato chips down your throat).  It’ll take your mind of your cramps. Why not try something artistic? Paint, make a collage, or try knitting!
• When you’re doubled over in pain, exercise isn’t the first thing on your mind. I’m not saying you have to go to the gym and do a hardcore three-hour workout.  But a nice walk through a park or around your block during the day can help with your PMS Cramps Relief.
• Go window-shopping at the mall. You don’t have to buy anything, but it will be nice to just walk around and look.
• Give yourself a makeover. Clean those pores and paint those nails!
• Last, but not least—if you feel like crying, CRY! It’s cathartic and you’ll feel rejuvenated afterwards. Try writing down your feelings and you’ll feel a lot better!

Instead of wishing you were a boy, relish the fact that you are a woman!

When you have your period, you have a great excuse to do what you want. Use my ideas or plan your own happy period party! You CAN have a happy period!

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