How do I get my makeup to look like it’s been done by a pro?

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Anna says: Ready to get gorge? These are things to avoid if you want your make up to look slick:


Tide marks 


"Blend, blend, blend! After choosing the right colour foundation or tinted moisturiser for your skin, make sure you blend it all the way in down into your neck. There's nothing worse than an obvious line between your foundation and your natural skin tone. 


Black panda eyes 


"Lots of heavy eyeliner, shadow or mascara can look too much. It’s overwhelming and messy and a pain to clean off! Apply eye makeup carefully and layer up; it's easier to add more than clean it off when it gets too much." 


Stripy blusher 


"Again it’s blend, blend, blend!  If you want something to look as if it belongs on your face, rather than as if it was painted on, keep blending." 


 Not removing your make up before bed 


"The ultimate sin when it comes to make up. Great make up happens when you've got great skin so if you cleanse, tone and moisturise before bed you'll be giving your skin a much needed chance to breathe. ALWAYS clean your make up off, however tired you are!”