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Discover Your Inner Sparkle

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Do you feel like you sparkle? As young girls and women today, life is so busy! You hardly ever have time to take care of yourself with band practice, sport, school, and work. But there's something awesome inside of you-- a beautiful young woman yearning to burst out and show the world her strengths and individuality!

Sit down in a quiet place. Turn off all distractions and really think. What are you good at? What do you like to do? What goals do you want to accomplish in the future? Write EVERYTHING down.

You want to be a doctor? Look into volunteer work at a local hospital or nursing home. Reading to an elderly person once a week might not seem as glamorous as being a neurosurgeon, but, like a doctor, you'll be making a huge difference in someone's life.

Love fashion? Many libraries and community colleges offer classes. You can learn how to knit or sew. Save up your money and buy a sewing machine and start making cute handbags.

Relax more and you will sparkle more. Life isn't all about the hustle and bustle. Take a couple of hours out of the day and do something you love.

Mistakes are OK! Think of mistakes as great teachers. Learn from your mistakes and you'll be more knowledgeable and better prepared next time!

Every girl has an inner sparkle; you just have to find out what your sparkle is and let it shine.