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When it comes to going away, we all like the idea of just throwing a few things in a bag and heading off, but it never seems to work in reality. So whether you’re packing for a sleepover with your bff, or a two-week holiday with your family, take a bit of time to get your outfits in shape. Check out our packing tips and you won’t leave anything behind.


1. Make a list and give yourself time to check it – you’re more likely to forget things if you have to make a lot of last minute decisions. Include everything you "need" and a wish list just in case there’s extra room. 


2. Pack lightly. You’re not moving away, and if you forget something the chances are you can get it where you’re going. Carrying fewer bags means you’re less likely to forget anything when you’re away too.


3. Bags with wheels make light work for your arms! And seeing as 70% of all suitcases are black, choose a bright colour, or tie a coloured ribbon onto the case so it stands out.


4. Pack as tightly as you can. Stick socks in shoes, and roll t-shirts and jumpers. Clothes that have patterns are good as they don’t show creases or dirt so much. 

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