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When you think of a really confident girl, who springs to mind? Your bff maybe, or any number of celebs? If you could get inside their heads, what would you see? Passion. Courage. An amazing sense of adventure? Confident girls believe anything’s obstacle is too large and no dream is too big. How cool would it be to believe stuff like that?! 


Well, here are a few tips on how you can put yourself out there and become the ultimate confident girl:


1. Get your mind in shape: Positive thinking is a confident girl’s bff. So you need to start thinking with courage. That means ditching the’s toxic anyway.


2. Exercise your body: Thinking you can do it isn’t enough. You need to strengthen and stretch your body so it works for you.


3. Set goals: You’ve heard people talk about the journey being more satisfying than the final destination, right? It’s what you put into it along the way that matters. Yeah, yeah, it may sound like a cliché, but realising it is all part of growing up. And any confident girl knows that.


4. Visualise your dreams: See yourself doing what you want to do. Then really believe you can do it. There are many days when you may feel discouraged and totally exhausted while you chase your dreams. Bleurgh...yet another part of growing up. But hang in there. It’ll pay off in the end. 




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