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Did you know that the average American gives 47 gifts a year? No wonder a girl could drive herself crazy coming up with unique gift ideas for each holiday, birthday, anniversary, and special occasion. You want to be perfect ... to express to your best friend, your dad, your teacher, or your boyfriend how much you appreciate him or her.

But a lack of time and a lack of imagination makes the task more stressful than fun. Now that you might be earning your own money, it’s payback time. Time to reciprocate and say thank you. You’ll never understand the truth behind the expression, "It’s better to give than to receive," until you are the bearer of the exactly right gift. Most of us know someone who, seemingly effortlessly, always matches the right gift with the right person. She usually makes it her business to keep in mind the lifestyle, hobbies, and personality of the recipient. She never falls into the trap of "gifting up," where she buys a present based on what the person might be expecting rather than what she can afford. It’s a skill we should all be honing for a lifetime. Here are our gift ideas for some of the important people on your list throughout the year.

Gift ideas for your parents
• Personalised stationery
• Family history scrapbook
• Magazine subscription
• Newspaper subscription
• Charitable contribution in their name
• Restaurant gift certificate
• Tickets to a play or sporting event
• Plants or herb growing kit

Gift ideas for your grandparents
• Old radio shows on audio or video
• Hobby and craft supplies
• Prepaid phone card
• Audio books
• Large print calendar
• Medicine organiser
• Magnifying glass
• Bed tray
• Movie passes

Gift ideas for little kids
• Arts and crafts supplies, even for the most sophisticated
• Check out office supply stores for a great selection
• Finger-paints, rubber stamps, big pads of paper, markers—anything that gives them the opportunity to use their imagination

Gift ideas for your teacher
• A box of chocolates
• A gift certificate to the local bookstore
• A gift certificate for a manicure
• A gift certificate to a local restaurant
• Something that smells great: bubble bath, soap, candles

Gift ideas for him
• Fun tie with his favorite cartoon character or sport team
• Gift certificate to sporting goods store
• Sunglasses
• Write a poem and frame it
• Blacklight or candles
• A personal mix tape
• Flowers
• Video of his favorite movie
• Treat him to dinner
• A framed picture of the two of you
• A calendar with your special dates circled
• Lava lamp
• Homemade coupons redeemable for hugs, back scratching, etc.

Gift ideas for your girlfriend
She’s one person we’re sure you know how to please! She has probably mentioned her wish list a hundred times. If not, any gift that you’d like to receive, chances are, so would she!

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