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Our faces are extraordinary communicators. Like a switch on a railroad track, it is capable of telling the truth about how we're feeling or concealing our emotions completely. Although we might spend tons of money moisturizing and prettifying its surface, how much do we really know about our faces?

Did you know -

With just 44 muscles, nerves and blood vessels, the face can twist and pull into 5000 expressions.

We see smiles far more clearly than any other expression...and can see them up to 300 feet away, the length of a football field.

Scientists have identified 19 different types of smiles, the most recognizable signal in the world. Social, polite smiles pull up the lips but never reach the eyes.

There are six basic, universal expressions that will be understood by everyone. They are joy, sorrow, surprise, fear, disgust and anger. Everyone makes the same face and gets the same message.

Women are better than men at reading faces, especially women's faces. A woman's face has to be really sad for a man to pick up how she is feeling.

We average between 45 and 65% accuracy when picking up when someone is lying.

Con artists, actors and Secret Service agents excel at reading expressions accurately.

We use different muscles when we fake expressions than when we're honest.

Scientists predict that thousands of years down the road our teeth will be smaller, our heads balder, our noses will shrink and our eyes and ears will grow larger.

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