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Embarrassing Moments: Um, You Have Something in Your Teeth

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Everyone has embarrassing moments —you’re sitting in class and your teacher is so involved in his lecture about World War II, that he doesn’t notice everyone’s snickering and laughing at his, ahem, undone fly.
What do you do in this situation? Do you just laugh along with everyone else and think to yourself, "I’m glad I’m not him!" Or do you politely raise your hand and say, "Mr. Wagner, you’re zip is undone." Hopefully you do the latter. Someone’s embarrassing moments can be cause of a great laugh, but put yourself in their shoes. What if that was you up there? Wouldn’t you want to know that your zip was open so you could fix it? Of course you would!

Say a classmate of yours has a bit of a body odour issue, making for embarassing moments.  Everyone except for her seems to know it. Instead of teasing her behind her back with the rest of the school, help her. She’ll appreciate it. Casually say to her, "Hey, I just started using this great deodorant! Secret Scent Expressions makes this great scent, Ooh La La Lavender. It smells so yummy! You should try it out." Don’t say it loudly so everyone hears you, be discreet. If she doesn’t seem to get the hint, suggest she check out to find the perfect deodorant for her!

Does your BFF have something in her teeth and has NO clue? Grab her hand and tell her you need to speak to her in the bathroom. You’ll save her from her embarassing moments.

The same goes for bogies gone astray or zips gone south. If it’s a guy or there’s no bathroom at hand, try to make VERY subtle motions to avoid embarrassing moments. Look at your friend and discreetly wipe your nose or offer her a tissue.

Always keep mints or gum on hand—not only for yourself, but to offer to a friend with bad breath. Take a piece of gum for yourself and give them a piece. They’ll get the hint.

If you’re on the other end and your friend has just informed you that the whole time you were talking to that super cute guy you had a bogie hanging out of your nose, don’t die of embarrassment! Just thank her for bringing embarrassing moments to your attention. Go back to the boy and act like nothing happened.

Unfortunately, embarrassing moments happen to people everyday! You can be a huge help to someone by helping them out. You’d want someone to do the same for you, right?

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