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Birthday gifts on a budget

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It's your bff’s birthday but you’ve spent all your money on clothes and music – for you! Don’t worry, a cool, meaningful present needn’t cost the earth. Try these ideas for starters…

Designer jewellery 

Design and make your own necklace, bracelet or earrings. Charms for mobiles are easy to make too. Take a look at jewellery in magazines and the kind of things your friends wearing for inspiration, and be creative!

A lot of the materials don’t cost much and are easy to find. You’ll usually find everything you need in a craft or sewing shop. For example, you can stick badge pins to the back of cool objects and voila – a cool and funky present!

Cheap chic

Get a plain white t-shirt, some fabric paints and pens and get drawing or scribbling! Write a personal message or draw some shapes and make your bff the best T-shirt in the world!

Photo gifts

Go through all your photos of you and your bff and once you’ve found the best one, get it printed onto a mug or a calendar. Then each time she has a hot chocolate or puts a date in her calendar, she’ll be reminded of you

With a bit of effort, you can give your bff a really personal pressie that she'll cherish for a long time, and not blow your budget!


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