When will my boobs stop growing?

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Developing boobs is all part of growing up. The size of them is usually determined by genetics. Look at your mum, grandmas or any sisters or aunts you may have. Your boobs will most probably look more like theirs than like your friends’. And as you know from your friends, not all boobs are the same. Some are small, some are is just the way things happen.


All in your own time


We’re all individuals and develop at our own rate and that includes your boobs. Be happy that you are growing up healthy and love the body you have! If they seem quite small now, don’t give up the could continue to develop until you are about 18.


You’re unique! 


Round, pointy, pear-shaped, or pancake-like. These are only some of the shapes breasts come in! And that's not even mentioning cup size, which can range from A to GG and even larger.


The main thing is that you feel comfortable about your breasts and that, whatever their shape or size, you can accept them as another unique and beautiful part of you!