What can keep the spots away?

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Aagh! A huge spot has appeared like a glowing beacon on your forehead. Don't worry, you’re not alone. Around 90 per cent of your peers will get spots at some point.  Spots are a part of growing up and happen because your hormones go a bit crazy when you go through puberty. But they will pass. In the meantime, be patient and reach for your coverstick! 


Don’t pick!


The most important thing is not to pick or squeeze them. This only increases the chance of infection and can leave scars. Ideally they should be kept uncovered and clean – if you use a coverstick make sure you apply it with a clean brush or applicator every time.


But prevention is always better than cure, so here are a few things you can do to help prevent the spots:


Blemish Care FACE WASHES


These are designed to cleanse and remove bacteria effectively and avoid over drying. Most are developed for the more delicate skin on your face.


Blemish care LOTIONS


These serve as a good substitute for regular cleansing lotions since they also contain anti-bacterial ingredients. They help unclog pores by removing the daily build-up of oil and dirt.


Blemish care PADS


These are a convenient cleansing alternative. They are usually pads that are pre-soaked in anti-bacterial solutions. Not only do they cleanse the pores, they leave behind anti-blemish ingredients to help prevent new break-outs appearing.


Acne can also develop during puberty. If you have moderate or severe acne make an appointment at your GP to see about treatment options.