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When your period stops

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Is it really possible for your period to stop? What’s that all about?! The fact is, sometimes your periods may stop altogether. It’s a condition known as amenorrhea, which can be caused by: 


• Pregnancy 


• Dramatic weight loss. Have you heard of anorexia? Well, amenorrhea is a frequent telltale sign of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, an illness in which the patient (usually a young woman) starves herself in order to be thin 


• The ’binge/purge‘ disorder, bulimia, in which the patient eats a lot of food (bingeing) and then makes herself throw up (purging) 


• Excessive exercise, like running more than 40 miles per week, or elite training in ballet/gymnastics, etc. 


• Polycystic Ovary Disease (multiple cysts on the ovary) 


• On some very low dose of birth control pills, there may be little or no menstrual flow



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